Relaxation Focused Dentistry  

The dental professionals and staff at Kennerly Dental Group strive to make every patient visit comfortable and relaxing. It has always been our motto to provide,

"Quality Dental Care with Your Comfort In Mind"

Most dental patients receive dental care of all types with routine Local Anesthesia. Localized anesthetics are extremely effective and safe for virtually everyone. Modern local anesthetics provide quick and complete comfort for most dental procedures and are much safer than any alternative methods. There are numerous local anesthetics available at our offices. Your dentist will select the one or combination of local anesthetics that best fits your needs and individual health restrictions.

Some dental patients, for a variety of reasons, are extremely anxious or nervous about their need for dental care. For many of these patients, our dentists and staff will supplement local anesthetic with the use of Nitrous Oxide gas. Nitrous oxide, also known as Laughing Gas, has been safely and routinely used to reduce patient awareness and anxiety for many dental and medical procedures. When properly administered, nitrous oxide gas is extremely safe and effective to reduce anxiety and patient apprehension. The patient is very relaxed and comfortable, yet they are fully conscious during the proper application of nitrous oxide gas. Following careful monitoring, recovery, and observation, dental patients receiving nitrous oxide gas analgesia are allowed to drive themselves to and from their appointments.

Occasionally, a patient will be so apprehensive that they require additional medications to enable them to be more comfortable and less apprehensive during their appointments. For these patients, our dentists prescribe Oral Medication that provides significant relaxation and reduced apprehension without the total loss of patient awareness or consciousness. This medication may or may not be used in conjunction with nitrous oxide analgesia, and your dentist will work closely with your medical physician to properly prescribe your dosage. It is normally necessary for the patient to take this medication one or two hours prior to their dental visit to allow sufficient time for the medication to work properly. Patients receiving supplemental oral medications are not allowed to drive themselves to or from our dental offices, and they must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult driver.

Some dental services require General Anesthesia with a fully unconscious patient. Properly done, general anesthesia requires intravenous injection of medications by a highly trained specialist with necessary equipment to continuously monitor patient status. Such procedures are normally limited to extremely difficult oral surgery or patients with very compromised health. Our dental offices refer such patients to highly skilled oral surgery specialists located within a very close proximity of our offices. If deemed necessary, we will diagnose your dental condition and direct you to the specialist that we feel would be most suited for your individual situation and condition.



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